Hello Friends - New Blog

Hello friends!

Life in the past 9 months has been most fucking crazy. Full time school and part time work will do that.

I've got a new blog up on my evolving home website

It's called Copywriter Robot. The latest blog is about Japanese Death cults and how I'm justifiably the homo that Good Christians rightly fear. It'll be a blast.

I'll see how to syndicate my blog here, too.

How are you?

Update! With Fucking Videos!

Hey all--

I made a bunch of videos in the past few weeks for a competition at school.

Here are two that didn't make it but I'm pretty proud of.

My Gay Best Friend

Music Video for Ryan Miera's "Victor's Wine & Cheesy Party"

His MySpace is here:

He's played drums for Kim fucking Deal. There is only one person on this friend's list who might say the same thing, so regardless he is fucking awesome.

I'm mostly found on Twitter as dillonfont . and increasing my facebook usage, after a great seminar I went to on how ot advertise on it I went this Wednesday (I know this sentence is terrible. I'm tired and stoned)

Back to my advertising cave.

I <3 my boyfriend

Dillon: What if we just enable each other?

Jamie: Hhhhrrrrrm

Dillon: What if we're just like a really boring Sid and Nancy?

Jamie: Hhhhrrrrrm

Happy New Year, Homeys!

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I made a new icon.

woooo Saturday night! Work till midnight! Work on a Powerpoint Presentation for an ambitious project people won't want to do!



I keep fucking forgetting.

Me and Jamie are going to be in NYC for the Thanksgiving weekend. I'll be in NYC proper Friday late morning-Monday early morning.

I obviously want to plan to see as many of you as possible. Although

A: I'm poor. Super poor.
B: We have lots of Jamie's friends to see, too.

But I want to start planning things. Start commenting and emailing so we can arrange things for maximum turkey-weekend super fun times.

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I cannot, for the punk-rock life of me, stop watching this video, where Morning Musume meets Pink Lady

Dear God, please help me. Why do I love Pink lady so much?

And how fucked up that they look younger in 2005 than they did in 1982? CREEPY

*This is all my way of saying, I'm a student again, and its fucking great*


Have I mentioned that I am 90% certain that I'll be throwing away my vote in November to vote for Nader? Cause I like totally am!

Because I believe in giving more support to third parties, and Illinois is so completely going to Obama regardless of what (or if) I vote.

Now you all know who to blame when McCain takes office and rides us like the dude riding the nuke in Dr Strangelove. NIce knowing you all!


This post is concerned primarily with the pure delicious entertainment value of post-Palin Campaign Season. In all seriousness, no one would be surprised that I want the Republicans out out the fucking out of our government. Especially as the economy is collapsing, due pretty much to Republican deregulations and all the bullshit of gutting government agencies (regulatory and non) in order to promote the ideals of free-markets policing themselves. Thankfully this jolt is waking this country up to the fact that we do need a stronger government that, maybe, just maybe, is here for the people, and not for corporate interests. While I am in major support of Obama, I myself will probably vote for Nader in the coming election, as Obama is pretty much winning Illinois no matter what. If the state polls leading up to the election make the margins tighter between Change McSmartypants and The Shell of the Maverick, I'll vote for McSmartypants.

That being said...


I am so in love with Sarah Palin. Each day seems to see another layer of the onion that is Palin peeled back, revealing more delicious scandals that more easily bring tears to one's eyes. Troopergate, her extreme abortion stance, her down's syndrome baby and her kid who is having a kid. MCCain and his campaign are now trying to stop any more investigation into Troopergate, even though the country is _so_ fucking curious, and at this point it just screams "Don't look behind the fucking curtain!", and all of us are seeing that the grand Wizardress is just another crony-loving Bush clone. Oh! And when Carly Fiorini, major McCain campaign economic priestess, slipped out that Ms. Palin could never run a company. Christ, I wish the McCain campaign would just go full throttle and turn her life into a full-on America's Next Top Model-esque reality show.

And oh McCain. McCain McCain. Your backpedaling after you said that "the economy is fundamentally strong" as AIG and the Lehman Brothers collapse, as Wall Street implodes under the weight of its own over-bloated numbers, was a dream to see documented on and the Huffington Post. And then he was all "We'll get a commission to look into it, America!"
Oh, and when Obama shot you back with the
“Instead of offering up concrete plans to solve these issues, Senator McCain offered up the oldest Washington stunt in the book –- you pass the buck to a commission to study the problem,” Mr. Obama told an audience here. “But here’s the thing – this isn’t 9/11.”

and then hit back with his right hook.

“What we’ve seen the last few days ,” Mr. Obama said, “is nothing less than the final verdict on an economic philosophy that has completely failed.”

I am living in Bone City.